Let’s Face It

Based on downloads from the Universe, Let’s Face It is a blog shared by the Baroness. Her posts will sometimes implore as we explore signposts and experiences along the way. Listen if you will.

February, 2017

cropped-cicle-web-giraffe.png#16 Let’s face it – Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists.

(From The Introduction in A Course in Miracles by the Foundation for Inner Peace). On this beautiful Valentine’s Day 2017, time gives us an opportunity to reflect and embrace love…read more.

cropped-cicle-web-giraffe.png#15 Let’s face it – As a society, we still can not quite figure out…

…what to do about profanity. “If punished for using profane language, Littles will not use profane language.” Oh, hell-to-the-no regarding this myth. The proliferation of cuss words…read more.

January, 2017

cropped-cicle-web-giraffe.png#14 Let’s face it – If you think it is really hard to discipline a child…

…you are confused about what “discipline” is. It is absolutely necessary to set boundaries, teach effective time management, assign chores to benefit the household and walk your talk. Read more.

November, 2016

cropped-cicle-web-giraffe.png#13 Let’s face it – Tis the season to count your blessings.

We have this holiday. And that the turkey is the “give-away” totem. Thank you for the indigenous people of the future America for not only letting the Pilgrim settlers survive, but also showing them… read more.

cropped-cicle-web-giraffe.png#12 Let’s face it – Regardless of race, creed or color, Vagina Lives Matter.

The “lash” resounding since Presidential election results 2016 is not a “white lash” as is being sounded on the board. The victory of President-elect Donald Trump over Secretary… read more.

cropped-cicle-web-giraffe.png#11 Let’s face it – For every myth about behavior, there is a myth buster.

Behavior of school aged Littles (Mediums Pre-K through Grade 5) has changed over the past three decades. This myth gets its substance because of the shifting descriptors of behavior from… read more.

October, 2016

cropped-cicle-web-giraffe.png#10 Let’s face it – A-tisket, A-tasket, the awards go in the Littles’ wee baskets

Littles and Bigs / Part II. It’s time for another awards show from The Baroness! Hands down, every Little that is born deserves a unanimous vote for the Tony Award… read more.

cropped-cicle-web-giraffe.png#9 Let’s face it – October is a perfect time to start some conversation

Littles and Bigs / Part I. Boo! It is getting close to Halloween. Fall leaves, harvest moon, cooler weather, pumpkins to jack-o-lanterns, apples and and caramel and cinnamon spice smells… read more.

cropped-cicle-web-giraffe.png#8 Let’s face it – Every shit show deserves a few awards.

The presidential debate held on Sunday, October 9, 2016 was hardly a respectable town hall meeting. At best, it was a highly debatable skirmish run amok. At its worst… read more.

September, 2016

cropped-cicle-web-giraffe.png#7 Let’s face it – Racism will not be solved by… 

Responsibility for solving the oppression and discrimination that are the ingredients of racism cannot be put on the shoulders of the very people being oppressed. read more.

cropped-cicle-web-giraffe.png#6 Let’s face it – If you find yourself feeling defensive about racism,

You better ask yourself why. There is benefit to being White in this country. There is no benefit to the human race in denying it or not admitting it… read more.

cropped-cicle-web-giraffe.png#5 Let’s face it – “Love. No, not just for some, but for everyone.”

I think a shortcut on the human highway just might be for people to check themselves, put a full measure in their considerate meter, and slow the narcissistic pace that is speeding us toward…read more.

cropped-cicle-web-giraffe.png#4 Let’s face it – We have all gone skinny-dipping.

We come into this world after gloriously skinny-dipping or “swimming in the nude” during gestation in our mother’s womb. Soon aftertaking our first breath…read more.

cropped-cicle-web-giraffe.png#3 Let’s face it – NEVER accept less than you deserve.

I don’t believe in building self-esteem to produce anything really except extrinsic reward. Because it has nothing to do with what we deserve…read more.

August, 2016

cropped-cicle-web-giraffe.png#2 Let’s face it – We are messing up the “for better for worse”.

In the United States today, there are many social and cultural aspects that are rated. Discussion by the media is lent to those ratings when…read more.

cropped-cicle-web-giraffe.png#1 Let’s face it – We’re all in this together.

Even the most solitary, nomadic existence finds relationship. We are separate biological units, named “human beings”, for the purpose…read more.