#1 Let’s face it, We’re all in this together.

Even the most solitary, nomadic existence finds relationship. We are separate biological units, named “human beings”, for the purpose of this post. Survival at every level, physical-social-mental- emotional, demands interaction with one’s environment. Somehow, humans have historically felt the need to create more and more boundaries beyond the intended natural ones of the Universe. There are the elemental boundaries of air, land, water, fire and sky. And there are lesser seen boundaries of the mental realm of the mind and intellect and the emotional-social boundaries that create safety and security. Most importantly is the One all-encompassing boundary of Spirit, which is Love.

Human beings, since the beginning of our starting line, have created many new boundaries, all designed to separate and compartmentalize.

• Physical ones, e.g., shelters, vehicles, rooms, containers, furniture, storage.

• Mental ones (all based on human creation of “opposites”) e.g. subjects, lists, facts, theories, truth, lies, war, accomplishments, failures.

• Social ones (all based on designed classification) e.g. socioeconomic class, caste, race, group, herd, family, grade, baby boomers, music genres.

• Emotional ones (all fear based and not of Love) e.g. scared, depressed, angry, overwhelmed.

And so on and on and on and on and on……

What is this seemingly insatiable need we have to separate, differentiate, classify etc? Perhaps at the last moment of creation, a pensive chuckle reverberated, a caveat thrown in, a little joke on us. “Hmm, just one more thing, earth beings shall be finite in form, look different from each other, have a definition of gender, and will have to interact to continue the species.” A gift from the creator to inspire the gift of creativity. But, these differences have manifested to epic proportions in our minds creating fear of others and winner-take-all competition that threatens our very survival instead of empowering it.

Our far more numerous likenesses can only foster survival through cooperation and love of others. It is our likenesses that are from the heart of Spirit. Yet look at any media report or history book, any tale of war and peace. Our obsession with our differences has literally torn asunder the fabric of our lives and the natural boundaries of our planet.

Let’s face it, I think we fucked up the initial download from the Creator following the Big Bang or 7 days of Creation, or whatever theme of the starting line that works for you. Downloads are innate pieces of knowledge from our Creator’s mother board which are given to us to create harmonious , abundant lives which is our birthright. The initial truth was WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER. THERE IS ENOUGH TO GO AROUND. Ignoring that truth has cost us dearly. And are we ever paying the increasingly high price in every part of our lives on this Earth. We war, we scratch and claw to get more than the next person, we save for a rainy day (and expect it to come) we kill, we pillage, we get sick, we worry, we do not govern ourselves and then rail at those we have given permission to govern us. All because we ignored the initial download from Creation. We have made up and created life as we know it based on a (really dumb and thoroughly stupid) thought that there is NOT enough to go around and you better get it before the next guy does.

So friends, let’s change the marketing strategy. Simple solution really. WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER. THERE IS ENOUGH TO GO AROUND. Write this mantra down. Or, memorize it. Post it on your fridge, your dash, your mind, your journal, in the sand at the beach. Bring it to life and word. Think about it. Doesn’t matter when, but start with once a day. You might be working or working out, resting, eating, dumping, playing, whatever…think it and believe it. Even if you roll your eyes at first. Fake it and say it convincingly. Ideally, tomorrow, everyone in the world would wake up at their perspective moment and whisper it out loud and it would immediately foster peace, health, prosperity, joy for all. And why not? A belief that there is enough to go around will foster it. Matter always follows thought.

Let’s face it, we just have to allow the download to load.

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