#13 Let’s face it…’Tis the season to count your blessings and ramp up the gratitude!

Make a gratitude list. “I am grateful THAT…” (I’ll start us off with a sampling of mine.)

  • We have this holiday. And that the turkey is the “give-away” totem. Thank you for the indigenous people of the future America for not only letting the Pilgrim settlers survive, but also showing them how to survive. To me it is a shining example of “We are all in this together. There is enough to go around.”
  • The professionals doing the remodel of my home are so talented. Especially the designer, who is also a friend, and who is not shy about telling me that I don’t really like a particular product, paint color, company, idea, or price when I am insistent that I do. Actually, 90% of the time, I realize she is right after a day has passed.
  • There always seems to be someone in the circle that is really adept and talented at hosting, staging, and cooking for the crowd that descends upon a home during this holiday season. It is truly a special skill.
  • Wonderful and unique pets are part of many families.
  • Our country is so rich in resources and climates that range from tropical to arctic with everything in between. There is majestic beauty of form from sea to shining sea.
  • Teaching is an art. And that God has graced me with this gift. And that I know some beautiful artists in this field.
  • Money is a form of exchange. And that’s all it is.
  • Profanity can be so fucking effective.
  • Music has so many genres and bridges generations.
  • I know people that like to cook and do it well. I can do it well, but I don’t like to.
  • I am blessed to call a few people friends and consider them family.
  • I am blessed to call certain family members friends and consider them part of my circle of wagons.
  • The Fall and Winter seasons are so fabulous and intimate. I love cozy.

And, I am grateful FOR…

  • My abundance and its Source.
  • Product
  • Our differences. Otherwise, it would be so boring.
  • Bigs that understand how to raise Littles to their highest and greatest good. 
  • The shade of a tree that is so giving.
  • The skill of throwing some shade when necessary. It allows a slippery slope to put a little humor in an otherwise untenable situation.
  • The cocktail or glass of wine at a strategic time of the day in the company of good food, friends, or just for the heck of it.
  • My violet aura with a green overlay.
  • Baby Heaven and that I remember it.
  • Most of all, for Love.

Let’s face it…Whether you choose to think inside or outside the box, being grateful creates abundance and increases your shine. Just do it. Happy Thanksgiving!

2 thoughts on “#13 Let’s face it…’Tis the season to count your blessings and ramp up the gratitude!

  1. This is the best one yet, Baroness. The messages are ageless. And there are plenty of them. I enjoy your mental/emotional/spiritual advice once a week. It’s an invisible dinner I can eat all week mentally/emotionally/spiritually. You have a clever way of understatement; if I’m the only human who notices so be it. I’ll try to REPLY more frequently.

    Liked by 1 person

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