#16 Let’s Face it…Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists.

(From The Introduction in A Course in Miracles by the Foundation for Inner Peace)

Love List

On this beautiful Valentine’s Day 2017, time gives us an opportunity to reflect and embrace love. Truly, it is the embodiment of our greatest birthright from God and is the infrastructure of the Universe. Love cannot be threatened in the sense that it cannot be destroyed, changed, forgotten, or forsaken. Love’s opposite is fear…a state conceived and perceived by the human mind. We have created the opposite because humans have always craved a state of opposites to give definition to their perception. Fear is unreal and does not exist in that it can be destroyed, changed, forgotten, and discarded. It is fleeting and serves as an adrenaline charge for a fight or flight response or an excuse for a vast variety of really inappropriate behaviors from a little ol’ fib to a brutal verbal or physical attack on another. My valentine for you today is to regale you with another Baroness “list”. I wrote a gratitude list for Thanksgiving. I feel this is a particularly urgent year to be particularly thoughtful about Love (with a capital “L”). I hope that you will share my love list with another and perhaps write your own.

Love is…

Abundant. It is the DNA of every element in our physical universe. It is what binds the non-physical realm. It is the reason we are here.

Available. There are no “rules” that limit it because of differences. It is the reason that makes this mantra true: We are all in this together. There is enough to go around.

More than a state of mind. We have created the delicious feeling of being “in love”. In fact, that is what the commerce of Valentine’s Day is based on. Valentine’s Day is all about the sweetness (candy hearts and chocolate kisses), the brightness (sparkling jewelry with such names like Friend and Lover so you buy the ring with two diamonds), the expression (valentine cards, declarations of love), the coziness (a good dinner, a hug), the belonging (“in love” means you are a couple with another or something tangible). So “in love” is always a celebration of Love. And in the culture of this country, we have a special day for it.

Having to say you are sorry. When you have acted like an asshole with a reaction based in fear towards your loved one, a stony silence is stupid. Embrace an apology. And know this, when you really love someone and make a mistake, you will always do better the next time.

The power that is inherent in women. This power is regenerated and passed on through the birth cycle. A genius stroke of necessity. Whatever place we started from, sprung from a cave or a garden, it is why we have been around for millennia. And, on this day, if you are so inclined, go make a baby. Love is why sex is so great.

Full of life and original to every person. Our senses of touch, sight, hearing, smell, and taste are Love’s vehicles to feel the zing, the turbulence, the power, the excitement, the spirit of our surroundings. Savor it.

The only true currency. When you make any exchange, whether it is to purchase a loaf of bread or a diamond, or to spend your emotion giving a compliment or reaching an orgasm, or to pour sweat equity into a passion such as a sport or raising Littles, do the exchange with Love, not fear. Because Love is real and cannot be threatened, you will always experience gain and safe harbor in your endeavors.

Makes the world go ‘round. Ever wonder why our planet spins around and goes ’round the sun? And that we rest easy in this phenomenon and accept its precise nature as usual circumstance? It is a testament to why Love is our birthright. It keeps us grounded on this spinning rock we call Earth and allows us to move forward each day in the Now. Love is the Force. Love allows us every opportunity to feel the wellspring from which we came and to which we shall return. Love urges us to share the blessings that we bring with us. Love is the guarantor of health and wellness and the cure for anything that ails you. It is our Shine. Believe it. Be grateful. Be fabulous.

Let’s face it…Having thoughts of Love and hugging them closely will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always be lovely. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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