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#16 Let’s Face it…Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists.

(From The Introduction in A Course in Miracles by the Foundation for Inner Peace) Love List On this beautiful Valentine’s Day 2017, time gives us an opportunity to reflect and embrace love. Truly, it is the embodiment of our greatest birthright from God and is the infrastructure of the Universe. Love cannot be threatened in [...]

# 15 Let’s face it…As a society, we still can not quite figure out what to do about profanity.

Littles vs Bigs / Myth #3 “If punished for using profane language, Littles will not use profane language.” Oh, hell-to-the-no regarding this myth. The proliferation of cuss words (swearing, vulgar language, no-no words, obscenity) spoken and heard today in our multimedia world is proof of the challenge that the late George Carlin raised in his [...]

#14 Let’s face it…If you think it is really hard to discipline a child, you are confused about what “discipline” is.

Little and Bigs / Myth #2 Bigs have a hard time distinguishing between the following sets of actions: managing behavior, punishment (defined today in a more politically correct term as consequence), and discipline. If you find yourself saying any of the following – “My kid(s) are driving me crazy.” “My child won’t listen to me.” [...]

#13 Let’s face it…’Tis the season to count your blessings and ramp up the gratitude!

Make a gratitude list. “I am grateful THAT…” (I’ll start us off with a sampling of mine.) We have this holiday. And that the turkey is the “give-away” totem. Thank you for the indigenous people of the future America for not only letting the Pilgrim settlers survive, but also showing them how to survive. To me [...]

#12 Let’s face it…For better for worse, regardless of race, creed or color, Vagina Lives Matter.

Post-election commentary from the Baroness The “lash” resounding since Presidential election results 2016 is not a “white lash” as is being sounded on the board. The victory of President-elect Donald Trump over Secretary Hillary Clinton is not about racism, trade, bad hombres, economics, health care, education, love trumping hate, law and order, immigration policy, terrorism. [...]

#11 Let’s face it…For every myth about behavior, there is a myth buster in the bag of tricks.

Littles and Bigs / Myth #1 Behavior of school aged Littles (Mediums Pre-K through Grade 5) has changed over the past three decades. This myth gets its substance because of the shifting descriptors of behavior from common sense “kids will be kids” to various clinical descriptions. Clinically, many kids are depressed, anxious, oppositional and defiant, [...]